Exploring Faith Podcast with Keasha Beard

August 30, 2018 Speaker: Keasha Beard Series: Keasha Beard


Memoirs of Keasha is a new Hip-hop album ranked in the top 100 on Spotify. Emerging from a past of addiction, low self-esteem, and utter darkness, Keasha is breathing optimism into the mic.  Themes of forgiveness, contentment, vulnerability, and persistence are part of her transformation.


A well-known basketball player who is now an independent artist shares her story with raw transparency. She spent many years in a gay lifestyle. After her injury, basketball was removed from her life and identity. She finally turned to God and opened her heart to a new love.

What does it look like for a person to radically change?
How do you know if God is real?
How vulnerable are you with letting people hear your journey?
What is the source of your joy?


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