Exploring Faith Podcast with Nataly Kogan

September 13, 2018 Speaker: Nataly Kogan Series: Nataly Kogan


Nataly is a courageous entrepreneur, former venture capitalist, and founder and CEO of Happier, helping individuals and organizations to reach their full potential. Her family escaped the Soviet Union and became refugees in Europe before finding the projects in Detroit. She chased the American Dream and was successful in terms of fame and wealth. She has held top positions in many companies, including Microsoft, and served on boards as the only female member. Vastly unfulfilled with her achievements, she began a new search for contentment in life.


In her debut book, Happier Now: How to Stop Chasing Perfection and Embrace Everyday Moments (Even the Difficult Ones), Nataly teaches readers how to stop searching for some elusive “big happy” in the future and start finding more joy in everyday moments. Drawing from science, Eastern traditions, her experience as a refugee, and her own failing search to find lasting happiness through career success, Nataly shares simple practices to help readers live happier and have greater resilience when times get tough.

Nataly has been featured in the New York Times, Time Magazine, Fortune, Dr. Oz, and Bloomberg TV and a sought-out keynote speaker around the world. Her resume is impressive, but her story is even more compelling.

What is it like to achieve all of your goals and feel so much darkness?

What is the relationship between science and emotions?

Is spirituality a crutch for those who can not hack ‘real’ life?


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